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Puppy Antonio February 2016




TagAlong PWD is happy that you want to learn more about Portuguese Water Dogs.  Adding a PWD to your home is a very important decision so take time to learn about the special qualities of the PWD and  get to know a little about TagAlong PWD. 

Charlie National Specialty 2011 Junior Water Dog


TagAlong PWD will only breed on occassion and focus on health and performance.  Siena, CH Aviator's Peanut Gallery CD RA OA NAJ CGC CWD SROM is the foundation of TagAlong PWD who came to our home as a very energetic puppy who you guessed it - wanted to "TagAlong" everywhere.  

Galley earns her CH and third major from BBE class

Responsible breeders will ask many questions to make sure your home is the right fit for their puppy.  TagAlong PWD has all puppies Temperament tested with a goal of making sure they are right for their new owner family's lifestyle and their desire for a family pet,  a versatile performance companion in obedience, agility and water work or perhaps a future star in the show ring.  Please take time to visit the American Kennel Club a great source of information.  Be sure you are up to daily living with this spirited Working breed

Siena Training for Courier Water Dog
Charlie National Specialty 2012
Sabato "Swimming is the PWD Passion"